High School Student Reports MINIONU Experience

MINIONU – Intercollegiate Model of the United Nations – is a project of PUC Minas conducted by the Department of International Relations, which consists of the preparation of university students enrolled in International Relations to receive high school students from all over Brazil, and consists of a simulation so that these students develop their capacities of perception and understanding of international events.

Much more than just a simulation, or as several people think and talk, hastily, “a time of rest lost on the holiday.” The Minionu is not and will never be a simple event that happens during the recess of the month of October.

With the participation of institutions from all over Brazil, it has varied and current themes It is the largest simulation model in Latin America and a great form of interaction, both internal – among the students of the Global Network who exchange experiences and expectations regarding the event, as well as external – among the students we know from different places, and there may even be friendships that will remain for many years.

In addition to all these aspects already mentioned, in this period we have the opportunity to improve vocabulary, expand concepts, learn to respect the opinion of others, develop autonomy and independence, and the ability to make decisions, not to mention the development of self-confidence and resourcefulness in public speaking.

I was head of the delegation of the Sacred Heart of Mary School, in this year’s edition in Minionu. It was my third and, sadly, last edition. I can say from personal experience that these three days of simulation change, for the better, the lives of all participants, regardless of their area of ​​action or their values ​​and principles. It is a unique opportunity to broaden the viewpoints on a particular subject and, furthermore, broaden one’s own worldview.

For those who were interested in the project and want to know more just check the event’s website: https://minionupucmg.wordpress.com.