All schools founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

All heads of school and all staff members and students.

The RSHM General Council, the RSHM Representative, Provincials, and Regional Superiors.


The Network is composed of two main geographical areas:

A. Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria, Uba.
B.  Barranquilla, Bogota, Medellin.
C.  New York, Los Angeles, Montebello, Cuernavaca.

A.  London, Rome, Paris
B.  Fatima, Lisbon, Porto
C.  Schools in the Northern European Province (NEP) – Future members of the Global Network


Heads of School

They will meet annually on a rotation of geographic  areas

The annual meeting of school heads will be organized by the Co-ordinating Committee.

In a non-conference year, the focus of the meeting will be spiritual and mission formation of the heads.

 General Council members, Provincials, and Regional Superiors are welcome to attend.

Full Conference:

There will be a full Conference every two years organized by geographic area groups on a rotational basis. The preparation of the Conference will be done in collaboration with the Co-ordinating Committee.

The host school or area should minimize costs to facilitate maximum attendance from each member school.  Based on local circumstances, a maximum attendance will be determined by the host school or area.  The number of participants from each school attending the full conference is determined either by the member school or its organizational structure.  With the exception of the host school, and in order to enrich participation in the Network and prepare future RSHM school leaders, each school is encouraged to send as many participants as possible up to a maximum of seven.

nominations to
the coordinating

After consultation with the area groups, new members of the Co-ordinating Committee are nominated by the outgoing member and approved by the current Co-ordinating Committee. The current Co-ordinating Committee has the option to appoint an additional member.

Upon approval by the heads at the Heads’ meeting, new members serve for TWO years with the possible extension of ONE additional year to allow for continuity on the Committee.

A missioning ceremony will take place for the new Co-ordinating Committee at the full conference.

sharing of information

The Network Website is open to all members and managed by a webmaster. The webmaster of the Global Network Website is provided by the Brazilian Province.

All materials on the website will be presented in two languages:  Portuguese and English. It is the responsibility of those uploading materials to ensure they are presented in both languages.

Members may share resources, in-service training opportunities, festivals, and visits as well as encourage sharing of information across the Network.    

Approved May 2017