Marymount Bogotá Social Service Projects

  1. Middle School Projects:

Social service at Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario (CNSR)

200 middle school students from Marymount attend 125 elementary and preschool students from CNSR during the whole year for 90 minutes per week.

Activities take place in groups are planned by students accompanied by teachers and envolved english lessons, creativity sessions and motor skills take place at Marymount during school hours.

  1. High School Projects:

ccording to the requierements of the IB Diploma program, IB students develop numerous projects that respond a diverse number of needs identified in different communities. Some of them last between a month or two, others bring support to institutional projects inside our school and some take the whole academic year.

Short term projects:

Include more than 20 projects through which girls give support to different institutions that serve vulnerable population such as elder people, abandoned children and stray dogs. There are also some actions directed to bring donations for victms from natural dissaters (Ecuador and Mocoa).

Institutional projects:

Include projects that take place inside our school community such as admissions, ecological campaigns, lost & found and monitors that support extracurricular programs.

Long term projects:

– Fides: this project takes place on Saturdays during the whole year. It’s purposse is to develop in young population with cognitive dissabilities, physical and social skills through the practice of different sports.

-Hogar San Mauricio: it takes place in an orphanage near school where our students develop team work and colaborative practices through games and ludic activities designed to kids from preschool to elementary.

-Ciclovía (bikeway): takes place on Sundays in some of the main streets of our city where our students help people that ride bikes or practice jogging during the morning. The principal objective is to give information to users and help with the traffic.

-Construyendo letras y Fantasías: students that are involved in this project work every Tuesday in the afternoon with some of the staff from the cafeteria and the maintenance service to develop informatic skills and to improve reading and writing abilities.

-Construyendo lo Nuestro: it’s a community project that improves the conditions and quality life of our employees families from the cafeteria and maintenance service.