The Purpose of the Committee is to enable, support and develop the Global Network of Schools . The Co-ordinating Committee will collaborate with the school or area responsible for the Conference. The Co-ordinating Committee will organize and facilitate the annual heads’ Meeting.


The Committee will be composed of:

• Practicing heads, one from each area of the network
• An RSHM Representative, appointed for a three-year period by the General Council.

New members of the Co-ordinating Committee are nominated by the outgoing member of their area, after discussion with the heads in the area, for qa period of TWO years, with the possibility of a third year to ensure continuity on the Committee.
New members of the Co-ordinating Committee are approved by all the heads at the annual heads’ meeting.


The RSHM representative will co-ordinate the organization of the Committee meetings in terms of agenda setting, papers, consultations and contact.

The chairing of meetings will be rotated among the Committee.

Agenda and papers will be sent at least ONE week before the meeting.

Notes of the meeting will be distributed by the RSHM representative two weeks after the meeting and posted on the Global Network website.

In the even of an equally split decision, the deciding vote will lie with the General Council.


The Co-ordinating Committee: Will normally meet twice a year:

•At the annual Heads’ Meeting.

• At one other meeting

sharing of information

The Co-ordinating Committee has a particular responsibility to ensure the website is developing and that all materials are presented in the two languages of the Network: Portuguese and English.